Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

You have spent years building financial and psychological security for your yourself and your family. Provide peace of mind for yourself and your family with estate planning.


Bankruptcy Bills

Rogers & Westrick will do all they can to help with your bankruptcy options. Let us help you take the burden of debt off your back.

Experience you can rely on

Put your faith in Rogers & Westrick S.C. and you won’t be sorry. Our firm is the oldest in the entire county so you know you have seasoned attorneys working for you. Have peace of mind knowing that we are skilled in many areas of the law and will diligently work to get you the results you are after.

Rogers & Westrick S.C. – Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Struggle

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a battle

Whether you need assistance for chapter 7, 13, or 128, trust in our firm to deliver you the bankruptcy results you desire. Rogers & Westrick S.C. will work diligently to help you file the appropriate chapter for your situation.

Let The Burden Of Debt Be Lifted

Having looming credit card payments or other debt can be stressful for you. Our attorneys understand this and are able to help you by means of bankruptcy.

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