Is bankruptcy for you?

You need not worry whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you or not because our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys will evaluate your case piece by piece to make this determination. Trust that our lawyers know what is best to suit your needs. We will help you in the following areas:

  • Determine which form of debt relief you qualify for
  • Which form of debt relief will be most effective for you
  • Discuss your options with you
  • Fill our legal documents for you
  • Attend court with you
  • And much more
Bankruptcy - Overwhelmed
Westrick Law Office - Client

Let the burden of debt be lifted

Having looming credit card payments or other debt can be stressful for you. Our attorneys understand this and are able to help you by means of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a battle

Depend on us to get you the results you deserve.

Which Chapters Are Covered?

When you entrust your bankruptcy case with us known that we are skilled in all chapters of bankruptcy covered in the state of Wisconsin. With us by your side we will determine if you are eligible for:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 128

Your debt relief if imminent when Rogers & Westrick, S.C. are on the case.

$1,500 including file fee for chapter 7.
$2,500 including file fee for chapter 13

Bankruptcy Law

Do You Have Looming Debt That You Need To Get Rid Of Now?

Call Rogers & Westrick, S.C. now with all of your family law, bankruptcy, social security, and estate planning questions. You are important and we want to help you.

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